PIX Instant Cameras


New IKomo Patterns!

Buy our new PIX Modern cameras with IKomo themed patterns and receive 100 free KomoCoins at vei-IKomo.com

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PIX Mini

6 customizable colors with a smooth aesthetic design. The perfect instant camera.

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PIX Modern

A camera with an HD Screen, a nice hand grip, and an aesthetic design. What can go wrong?

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PIX Retro

Big fan of the retro trend? PIX Retro has the design of an old polaroid but has the technology of our newer models. Old look, new technology.

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Bags, Film, and Package Deals

PIX offers camera bags, instant film, and filter lenses to go with our cameras. These extras can be bought in packages for a better deal.

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Partnership with LA Animal Rescue!

For us to give back to our community, we partnered with LA Animal Rescue, an organization that helps find homes for homeless animals. Our goal is to raise awareness for these animals, mostly dogs, so people will adopt them. Our cameras capture the moment when a rehabilitated dog is adopted.

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