About Us

PIX is a manufacturer of instant cameras. We offer 3 differnt models of cameras, each with their own customizable colors and designs so you . PIX also sells film, camera bags, and filter lenses to go with our cameras. Click here to view our products!

Mission Statement

Pix’s instant cameras allow customers to create a perfect instant camera so they can capture the moment. The customizability lets our customers truly express their creativity and allows every individual to relive any moment their heart desires.

Our Team

PIX is divided into 3 tiers. The top tier is our CEO, Peter Suh. Suh is pictured sitting in front below on the company picture. The next tier consists of our CFO, in charge of finance and human resources, CCO, in charge of marketing and technology, and COO, in charge of sales and operations. At the bottom tier is our departments, finance, tech, HR, marketing, sales, and operations.

Giving Back

For us to give back to our community, we are partnered with LA Animal Rescue, an organization that provides homes for abandoned animals. We are working with them to raise awareness for homeless animals and hopefully provide more homes. Our cameras will capture the moment when an animal is found a home, helping to tie back to our goal of raising awareness.

For more information, you can view our portfolio.

Contact Us

Please note that PIX is a Virtual Enterprise Internation Company intended only for educational purposes. Feel free to contact us at any of the links below if you have any questions.